About us

Holistic approach

We at MIRALA CLINIC try to see the human being not only reduced to teeth and organs, but as a holistic individual with individual needs. Our goal is the metal free use of materials as a biocompatible alternative to exclude as much as possible allergies and long term side effects. We use biological products like L-PRF (patient´s own blood concentrate) to increase wound healing and stabilize tissues with decreasing the need of using materials that might cause foreign body reactions or antibiotics.

We want to deliver a warm, caring and friendly atmosphere sustained by the application of a non or minimal invasive, pain free treatment concept. With this attitude we try to create a stressfree and anxiety free treatment situation. In the MIRALA clinic we provide to our patients latest technologies, treatment concepts and high end materials.

Metal free dentistry

Our dentistry is based on metal free restorations including ceramic implants. The metal ions separate from their original structures to diffuse, migrate, and become absorbed in the tissues of the body, affecting the overall integrity of the immune system and often lead to allergic reactions. Therefore we only use non-metal materials such as zirconium oxide and ceramics.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide the patient with minimal invasive, biological and short cut therapies embedded in a concept that creates and maintain a healthy body system.

image11Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright

Specialist in implantology (AAID, DGI) and cosmetic dentistry (ESCD, AACD)

Marcel graduated 1994 at Elite University of Aachen (Germany) where he received 1996 his doctor´s degree with summa cum laude (outstanding achievement). He is a professor for ultrasonic surgery and implantology at the state university of Sevilla (Spain), visiting professor at the Universities of Dalian (China), Leuven (Belgium), Medan (Indonesia), Chapel Hill (USA), Mahidol (Thailand) and others. He is the Co-inventor of the Intralift™, Certified member of the ESCD, IADFE, DGI and has published more than 60 articles in national and international papers. He is a worldwide lecturer and a member of the Leading Doctors of the World. Marcel has been awarded the Gold Medal of the Ukrainian Society of Maxillo-Facial Surgery and was elected twice to be part of the German Dental Team for the last Olympic games in Peking and London.


web_Maria_bg1_c1-683x1024Maria Gibsand

Med. Dentist

Maria took her dental degree in 2004 and opened the clinic Veneer in 2007. Maria possesses expertise in areas such as general dentistry, emergency dental treatment, cosmetic dentistry, restorative treatment, advanced implants treatments and much more. She is also works as an instructor in implant surgery, and travels several times a year to train future implant specialists in different parts of the world.