Module 3: Ultrasonic Surgery

The topic of this course is to highlight the beneficial application of ultrasonic surgery: less traumatic then rotative oral surgery it leads to less trauma, less swelling, almost bloodfree surgical environment and minimized post surgical downtime of the patient. Ultrasonic Surgery makes difficult surgical techniques easier and safer due to the fact that the high oscillating tips are cutting hard tissues but not soft tissues. Nerves and delicate structures as the Schneiderian membrane are unlikely to be damaged. In this course Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright is demonstrating, clinically and based on scientific evidence.

The course will be held in English.

This course includes following topics:

- Bone protective extractions of teeth, ankylosed teeth, implants
- Bone blocks from the retromolar region vs. allograft bone blocks
- Pre prosthetic crown lengthening
- Bone Splitting in the maxilla and mandible
- Nerve transpositioning
- Intralift™, the minimal invasive hydrodynamic crestal sinus floor elevation
- ROT Rapid orthodontic treatment, piezocision to shorten the time frame for orthodontic treatment up to 50-60%
- Questions and discussion

Date and location

Date: 25/08-2017
Time: 9:00 – 18:00
Location: Stockholm, Sweden


655 EUR / 5900 SEK (excluding VAT)