3D-Xray (CBCT)

CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computer Tomography and represents a modern 3D imaging in diagnosis and  has become a standard more and more. Since we are able to diagnose with a higher precision and execute planned surgery with a maximum degree of safety, it has become compulsory for us in treatment and surgical planning. If necessary we use surgical guides during implant placement based on 3D data and plan the prosthetics before surgery. We use a high end CBCT (Sirona, Orthophos SL3D) that allows us to take 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pictures with highest resolution and maximum reduction of x-ray exposure. The x-ray exposure of one CBCT with our device is approximately 70-80 μSv, an 8 hours flight to the USA back and forth is equivalent to one CBCT and the annual natural radiation (i.e. Strontium in the ground, food, cosmic radiation) is 2000 μSv. We are able to select specific regions of interest (ROI) to scan only the part that is necessary. With the CBCT we are able to perform secure and accurate dentistry from surgery to prosthetic restoration.

Esthetic Dentistry:

We set great store by high esthetic dental care for you to have a perfect smile for your wellbeing.
Metal-free restorations are used for high-aesthetic procedures at our practice. Cercon, an exceedingly compatible aesthetic material and high-performance ceramics are put to use in this context. The use of cosmetic veneers, ceramic inlays and aesthetic composite fillings forms an integral part of our treatment concept. Where it is possible, we avoid the preparation of the teeth and are able to place No-Prep Veneers, custom made ceramic masterpieces from highly qualified dental technicians belonging to the Oral Design Group, an elective group of dental technicians with highest standards in dental technology.

The final look can be revealed before the actual aesthetic procedures by using what is known as a “mock-up” (a synthetic model of the desired outcome of the treatment). So you see what you get before the treatment.

Safe Amalgam Removal:

Amalgam contains Mercury, one of the most lethal metals known. When patients need a removal of Amalgam fillings, we provide a maximum degree of security due to the fact, that the aerosol during removal can be regarded as biological hazard. The patient as well as the dentist needs to be protected thus we use as a standard:

  • A rubber dam (a rubber protection that isolates the oral cavity from teeth.
  • Oxygen during the treatment to supply the patient and avoid intake of the mercury aerosol
  • Special burs to take safely out the Amalgam
  • Cavity detoxification with Chlorella alges inlay for 5 minutes (bonds remaining Mercury)
  • An addional special suction system that takes the aerosol.
  • A high standard clinic air system that provides us with 2200 liters of fresh air per second.

After the safe Amalgam removal we  recommend the intake of Charcoal tablets as well as a continuing intake of Chlorella vulgaris. After the Amalgam fillings are removed we place Glasionomere cement as a temporary filling before we replace the fillings through ceramic restorations.

– DETOX supplements (according to Dr. Nischwitz)


The Melisa®-Test is a standardized blood test (Lymphocyte transformation test, LTT) that gives a hint to allergies and hyper reactions of the body to a various amount of antigens. These can be i.e. metals like Nickel, Chrome, Titanium or Palladium as well as Borrelia (Lyme disease), Gluten, Candida and Thimerosal (50% Ethyl Mercury as a preservative of vaccines). Since the majority of human mankind shows low or no reactions to various antigens, the amount of people with reactions is getting higher. With some little blood samples that are sent to Geneva in Switzerland (Laboratoire MGD) we receive a result within 2 weeks. For further information visit and We do not only take care about teeth but about the entire health of our patients.


The ammp-8 stands for Activated Metallic Matrix Proteinase 8. This ammp-8 is a marker enzyme that is linked to destructive or remodelling  processes in the tissue, mainly linked to matrix molecules like elastin and collagen. Both elastin and even more collagen play a mayor role in periodontitis since these molecules are destroyed by bacteria in the oral cavity thru endotoxins and acids. As we rely on scientific data we know that Periodontitis is linked to many general/chronic diseases like diabetes, rheumatism, osteoporosis, heart problems etc. A little sample of saliva from the patient is put into a small chromatograph and within 10 minutes we have the result, it works actually like a pregnancy test.

Rapid orthodontic treatment (Piezocision):

Tooth alignment or orthodontic treatment is a common procedure to correct tooth malposition and function and has become in the last years more and more popular in adult patients. One of the major complaints in orthodontic treatment is the duration of it and it has become a recurrent request to speed up treatment time. The Piezocision® is a small and fast surgery with micro incisions in local anesthesia based on ultrasonic fine tips that enhance the speed of any orthodontic treatment up to 50% and is scientifically proven since 2009. Marcel has treated various patients with this technique aligned with a high acceptance due to missing pain, swelling and bruising and an effective treatment short cut.

Bone grafting:

If the bone quantity does not allow immediate implant placement it needs to be augmented. Various techniques are present and we try to make the grafting procedure as minimal invasive as possible. Hence we use materials that do not come from cows, horses, pigs (xenografts) but more on synthetic materials like Beta-Tricalcium-Phosphate (β-TCP), Hydroxy-Apatite (HA) patients´own bone or bone from bone banks. In addition to that we use the patient´s own blood to generate a blood concentrate that is increasing the wound healing process naturally and enables us to generate Fibrin membranes to isolate the grafted site from soft tissue invasion.

Since more than 15 years we have experience with this kind of surgery and a high patients´acceptance. If teeth are missing in the upper molar region, the sinus extends and the remaining bone is reduced in vertical dimension. The Intralift™ is an ultrasonic hydrodynamic minimal invasive procedure where oscillating instruments are used to reach the sinus and to graft through a very small access (4mm) the sinus. This technique is performed in local anesthesia, is 100% painfree and is associated with less or no swelling, pain and bruising to alternative procedures (lateral window technique described by Tatum).

Botulinum Toxin:

Botulinum toxin is a bacterial produced toxin in a highly diluted concentration that inhibits the neuro transmitting release from the transmitter towards the responding muscle. The muscular activity is therefore reduced. Coincidently it´s side effect of flattening dermal folds was discovered by Canadian doctors (Carruthers) treating Blepharospasm of the eyes and Strabismus. Botulinum toxin is used in different medical fields since many years with tremendous success (i.e. Hyperhidrosis, Ophtalmology, gynecology and Cranio Mandibular Disorders (CMD) and of course in the facial esthetics).

We treat with Botulinum Toxin:

  • Chewing muscular hyperactivity (Bruxism, CMDs)
  • Gummy Smile (High smile line when the gum of the upper teeth is exposed, “horse smile”)
  • Esthetic treatment of the face (eyes´crow feet, Glabella fold, Forehead, saggy lips).

Bleaching (Tooth whitening):

Bleaching is a procedure to whiten teeth and makes the appearance fresher, younger and more dynamic. A gel (Peroxide) is placed on the tooth substance and a special light is increasing the efficacy. The gel is bonding to the color molecules that are inside the tooth substance and transport them outside through little tooth channels (dentine tubules). Several procedures in one session are repeated and after every session the patient can check the result. After the treatment the patient should avoid drinking black tea, coffee, cola, red wine for one week and should avoid to eat ketchup, curry dishes and paprika as well for one week. This helps to prolong the result. Depending on the eating and drinking behavior of the patient the duration of maintenance of a nice result might vary. Several bleachings during one year have no impact to the tooth substance as many times regarded as a common assumption.


Cerec is the abbreviation for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic and is a method of CAD/CAM (Computer aided design/Computer aided Manufacturing) invented 1980 at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. Since then the technology was improving continuously and MIRALA CLINIC is proud to provide the latest standard and technology from Sirona Company.

Instead of a normal impression we use a small digital camera that shoots thousands of pictures of the teeth and these data are send to a computer, where the ceramic or zirconia crowns, inlays or bridges can be designed. After this procedure the virtually designed prosthetic data are sent to a 3D milling machine, that mills with high precision out of a blank the prosthetic work. After a short firing in the oven and finishing we can place the crowns, bridges or inlays in one visit. The so called “single visit dentistry” in times of rush and haste has become a wonderful tool to shrink down treatment time to a maximum. More than 250 clinical studies support and justify the daily use, every 5 second worldwide a CEREC restoration is fabricated. CEREC allows us to plan and perform a secure and prosthetic related planning and its execution, from surgery to the final restoration.


TENS is the abbreviation for Transcutaneous Electric Neuro Stimulation and is a small tool that stimulates the nerve in case of  disorders (i.e. after traumatization due to surgery, hereditary nerve problems, trigeminus disorders). A small current is via pads applied on the skin and stimulates the traumatized/irritated nerve.

Vitamin Infusions:

We provide with our medical department vitamin infusions which are rich in Vitamins that are mostly deficient in many patients. With these Vitamin Cocktails we stabilize the immune system and accelerate (bone) healing processes after surgery. Especially in Nordic countries there is a common lack of Vitamin D due to the reduced sun exposure and activation of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for the bone metabolism, the immune system and the psyche. Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is a vitamin that was staged like Vitamin D by the WHO to be an essential medicine. It plays a major role in wound healing, collagen synthesis, the immune system, is antioxidative and is applied in cancer treatment. With other beneficial ingredients like Biotin, Prolin, Magnesium, Aminoacids etc. this infusion cocktail is stabilizing the immune system and prevents compromised wound and bone healing.

L-PRF treatment:

L-PRF is the abbreviation for Leukocyte Platelet rich Fibrin and is a patient´s derived blood concentrate that literally concentrates the best of the blood with one centrifuge spin. Leukocytes and Thrombocytes are blood cells that contain growth factors necessary for any kind of wound healing and tissue regeneration. The idea is to concentrate these cells and place them there where we need them the most: in all kind of surgery or therapies where we need a fast healing and regeneration. The treatment and technology is established in many medical fields since decades (orthopedic surgery, chronic wounds, burning wounds, dentistry)  and has become a standard procedure at MIRALA CLINIC since we do have very good experience since 2001 with it. With the help of L-PRF we are able to generate autologenous (patients´) Fibrin membranes that are the most biological, non reactive and cost effective membranes we can use (instead of collagen membranes made with animal origin). We observe less pain, less swelling and almost pain free patients after the surgeries and this convinced us to apply this technology in all kind of surgeries and even in dermal treatment (Vampire lift). Due to its natural biological antibacterial behavior of the L-PRF we are able to shrink down the antibiotics, which makes for us sense it times of increasing antibiotic resistances (WHO report 2014).

Vitamin-D Testing:

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is important for the resorption of Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Phosphate and Magnesium. Vitamin D is per definition a steroid hormone that needs acquired exogenic because human species is not able to synthesize it. Vitamin D2 can be absorbed via nutrition, but it is scientifically proven that it is almost impossible today, especially in Nordic countries to maintain a sufficient level of Vitamin D with nutrition alone. Vitamin D3 is activated in the skin. Vitamin D is metabolized in the liver to 25-hydroxy Cholecalciferol. Vitamin D deficiency is recognized in some parts of industrial countries northern of the equator to be an epidemic disease. Since it it linked to Osteoporosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, Autoimmune diseases and many others it is more important to maintain an efficient Vitamin D level. The chairside test is measuring the amount of 25-hydroxy cholecalciferol and gives a precise level of Vitamin D. If too low, we can supplement it via high quality products and infusions. No implant or bone grafting can heal in properly, if the vitamin D level is too low. Thus we take take of our patients and maintaining long lasting results in our surgeries.


The dental hygiene is mandatory for a long lasting oral and general health as well as it is the fundament of our whole treatment concept. Oral pathogenic bacteria from periodontal problems as well as caries compromises any kind of dentistry and the longevity of a performed treatment. This is the reason why we do strongly believe that the achievement as well as the maintenance of oral health is the fundament of our daily practice and we recommend the consultation of the dental hygienist 4 times a year. During this short recall intervall nothing severe can happen that we are not able to deal with. No crown, no filling and no implant have a long success rate, if the dental hygienist is not consulted frequently. For analysis of the oral health we use the ammp-8 test as well if needed specific bacteriological test to identify the germs. A slight bleeding during tooth brushing might be the first sign for a periodontal disease. For treatment of the periodontal disease we use standardized protocols as well as minimal invasive laser therapy (PTT, photo thermic therapy). The PTT uses a green dye that is staining the bacteria in the pockets. With a low level laser a high reactive oxygen (singulett oxygen) is created that is able to kill the bacteria inside the pocket. This treatment is mainly painfree and can be performed by our instructed dental hygienists. For a recovering of the gum tissue we use as an adjunctive tool Hyaluronic Acid that has a regenerative impact to the tissue.

Dental Laser Treatment:

Dental Laser Treatment

We use in our clinic dental lasers to provide an effective and less painful treatment in terms of periodontal treatment (periodontitis treatment, gingivitis treatment) as well as in oral surgery and prosthetics. With dental laser we perform a less painful and bloodfree tissue surgery with reduced or even missing pain after the treatment. Lasers with different wave length are used at MIRALA CLINIC for following treatments:

  • Vestibuloplasty
  • PTT (Photo Thermic Therapy) for periodontal treatment
  • Crown lengthening
  • Post surgical treatment of wounds (LLLT)
  • Laser Accupuncture
  • Herpes and Aphthae (ulcers) treatment

Photo Thermic Therapy (PTT)

The PTT is a non invasive, painfree Laser therapy based on a specific wave length (650-980nm, low level laser) of the laser and the use of a dye (Indocyaningreen). This dye is applicated into the dental pockets where the bacteria are located and stains the surface of the bacteria. Using the Laser the dye creates a high reactive Oxygen (Singulett oxygen) that destroys the bacteria effectively. This non invasive therapy is delegated to our dental hygienists and enables inflammated gum to regenerate very quickly.

Ultrasonic Oral Surgery:

The oral surgery we perform is based on high frequency oscillating devices (Piezotomes) that are less traumative to the tissue than conventional rotative instruments like surgical burs that are commonly used. From tooth extraction to bone grafting all kind of surgical procedures are done with ultrasonic tips. Marcel is a co-inventor of the Intralift™, a minimal invasive surgical technique for bone augmentation in the sinus where very small instruments are used to create new bone in the upper jaw in cases of extended sinuses and less underlying bone. This surgical technique allows the patient to go back to work the next day with no swelling, bruising and pain. The Intralift™ was invented 2006 by the TKW-research group (Trödhan, Kurrek, Wainwright) and more than 25.000 surgeries have been performed worldwide. Marcel has educated more than 3000 doctors since then and maintains since 2009 a professorship at State University of Seville (Spain) where he teaches and conducts studies in his specialization. The high frequency of 25 kHz is even inducing bone healing and stimulation during the surgery.

Procedures performed with Ultrasonic Surgery:

  • Intralift™ (crestal sinus lift)
  • Bonesplit (to enlarge the bone width surgically)
  • Nerve transposition (in severe atrophic cases)
  • Crown lengthening (pre prosthetic surgery)
  • Tooth and wisdom tooth removal
  • Bone Blocks
  • Piezocision ( Rapid orthodontic treatment)

Cosmetic Dentistry:

We work together with high class dental technician (some of the best in Europe) that create masterpieces of work and we understand our treatment for cosmetic dentistry as minimal invasive esthetic dentistry. Our preparation is absolutely reduced and we tend to avoid preparation of the tooth substance when placing veneers (Non-prep veneers). These Veneers are maximum thin and appear with a high grade of natural appearance. After being bonded to the tooth they are very stable and last for a long time. The patient is able to see the final result with a mock-up (a synthetic acrylic model of the desired treatment outcome) before the treatment and can decide if she/he desires the treatment or not. Of course we use metal free materials like feldspathics, zirconia and ceramics to achieve natural and high esthetic results. Marcel was giving worldwide lectures on the topic of Cosmetic Dentistry as a key opinion leader and is an active and certified member of the DGKZ (German Society for Cosmetic Dentistry), the ESCD (European society of Cosmetic Dentistry) as well as he was honored to be member of the IADFE (International Academy of Dental and Facial Esthetics, New York). Cosmetic Dentistry includes Composite restorations in the esthetic zone, Ceramic restorations  Bleaching and esthetic orthodontic treatment.

Bone augmentation:

Precisely because of the spread of Implantalogy as the standard treatment in modern dentistry, bone management has assumed a major role in the truest sense of the word. There is the awareness now that healthy bones are at the heart of safe implantology in the long run and of the maintenance of anatomically important facial structures. Complete oral health is, all said, the only basis for strong teeth.

To this end we offer all procedures for bone building or bone maintenance after an accident or in the case of periodontitis. The gentle process of piezo surgery is thus gaining ground in bone transplantations. In addition, we work with the most advanced bone replacement materials, special membranes and different kinds of lasers in surgical procedures as well as in the regenerative phases.

Botox for the Masticatory Muscles:

In case of clicking jaw, we provide a botulinum toxin treatment after careful diagnosis and examination of the indications.

By targeted injection to the overactive masseter severe ailments like tension headaches, migraine-like headaches, shoulder and neck aches can be treated within a short time.

Botulinum toxin can be similarly used to treat what is called the ›gummy smile‹.

Caries Diagnosis:

Laser: The diagnostic laser ›Diagnodent‹ helps detect caries at the early stages and in hidden areas. Carious lesions not visible to the human eye can be gently treated, and fillings can be kept very small.

Special camera: The special camera makes the smallest carious lesions visible, helps early detection and treatment.

Dental Technician:

We place great emphasis on where and how our designs are manufactured. We assure you that all materials we use are of highest quality. Mirala have a strong partnership with the Shahab Esfarjani Oral Design in Austria. He has extensive experience in the dental profession and broad expertise in both aesthetics and functionality.

Our dental technician Shahab Esfarjani also manufacture our Veneers and Non Prep Veneers.


EmunDo®: PTT – Photothermal Therapy using EmunDo®/perio green enables safe decontamination and disinfection without side effects of particularly inflamed periodontal pockets and inflamed implants with the aid of diode lasers.

PTT is the safest therapy for peri-implantitis and is considered as an alternative treatment even by the American Association of Periodontology to antibiotic therapies.

Thus, along with the classic laser procedures simultaneously used in reducing and changing the bacterial flora, there are new procedures which use special Indocyanine dyes to stain bacteria that can then be gently and painlessly destroyed by laser light.

General Anaesthesia:

If you wish, all procedures can be done under general anaesthesia. It is often the more comfortable option for patients undergoing comprehensive dental restorations, wisdom tooth removal or complex implant operations with bone augmentation.

You are under the constant care of experienced anaesthetists while you sleep. This often is the only way to treat nervous patients or small children. Treatment by the half-sleep sedation method (analgo sedation) is another option. The patient is administered a mild sedative and painkiller intravenously. Of course only under the supervision of our anaesthetists. The patient feels »distanced« to the treatment and this is an alternative to general anaesthesia (intubation anaesthesia).

A team of 3 experienced anaesthetists under Dr. Winne Unkel are at your service, who with the most advanced equipments help the patients to go into a state of half-sleep or complete slumber, and are there by your side when you »wake up«.

Harmony Braces:

Laugh freely at long last: the invisible dental correction for adults.

Misaligned teeth can be corrected even in adults: quite easily and discretely the transparent, removable braces ›Harmony braces‹ align your teeth in the front. Invisible for the teeth just as contact lenses are to the eye.

Harmony braces, the transparent dental braces, were specially developed for teeth straightening in adults. Anyone wearing them can laugh, talk and kiss as usual. And the best part is that no one notices that you are getting your teeth aligned.

Hi-Tech Dental Prosthesis:

As the name ›transitional prosthesis‹ suggests, it is a temporary solution to tide over till the time that permanent, highly aesthetic and functional dental prosthesis are made by the laboratory. Even so, we set high standards for our transitional prosthesis that you may not experience any discomfort in this intervening time. Fabricated by experienced and trained personnel they provide functionality and aesthetics of a high calibre.

Provisional implants are made such that they can hold stable teeth even in the healing phase. These long-term, lab-generated temporaries can be bring about occlusal changes (e.g. bite elevation in case of lowered occlusion) or critical teeth can be observed and/or treated over a long period before being replaced by the final dental prosthesis.

Dental gaps requiring restorative implant treatment can be left open in this way by preventing teeth migration.


Missing teeth can be easily replaced by artificial tooth roots made from zirconium oxide (ceramic). From individual (missing) tooth to downright toothless patients (almost) anything is possible with implants. Careful reconstruction is possible in case of bone loss or missing bones (Piezo surgery, Oral surgery). In case of missing bone substance in the upper jaw we have the option of using the procedure known as Intralift™. This being the focus of our therapies it helps recover quality of life by the interplay of perfect functionality and aesthetics.

Patients going for implants receive intensive care at our practice. Ultra modern techniques go into planning for implants that are securely fitted and highly aesthetic.
Dr. Wainwright is a certified Implantologist with many years of experience, an Opinion Leader, internationally renowned expert and has been teaching in this field for many years.

Provisional implants:

For toothless patients or those with huge gaps, provisional implants can be used to make the waiting period as comfortable as possible until final replacement. After healing when it is time for the permanent implants, they can be easily removed.

Ceramic implants:

Dental implants are established since more than 4 decades in dentistry and Sweden was the pioneering country. Dental implants allow to substitute missing teeth with a success rate exceeding 95% and have become a standard and safe procedure either if single teeth are needed to be replaced or if a an edentulous jaw needs to be restored. Per Ingvar Brånemark, the founder of modern implantology, was stating on a conference in Las Vegas “Every human being has the right of fixed teeth!”

Since the number of patients that do react to Titaniumoxide implants cannot be denied, we rely in our clinic concept on metal free implants. Zirconiaoxide is a ceramic (not a metal like Zirconia!) and has not the physical characters of Titaniumoxide like corrosion or ion release. If healed in, Zirconia oxide implant allow an attachment (connection) of the gum tissue to its surface and seal the oral cavity towards bacteria and with their white tooth like color they don´t have the compromising issues of grey shades in the esthetic zone. We at MIRALA CLINIC have experience with Zirconia implants since more than 10 years.

The surgery is mainly performed in local anesthesia and is absolutely pain free. The so called Short Cut Concept (SCC ref. Dr. Volz, Switzerland) is based on immediate implants in case of needed tooth extraction in the same session, if possible even with immediate temporary crowns or bridges. Zirconiaoxide implants have been established as an alternative to Titaniumoxide implants 4 decades ago (Tübinger Sofortimplantat) and today´s Zirconiaoxide implants are at least equal to Titaniumoxide implants regarding strength, longevity and osseointegration (capability of healing in with the bone). We use long term tested Zirconiaoxide implants from a Swiss company (Swiss Dental Solutions) that is one of the leading companies with high standards in production.

The healing time for Zirconiaoxide implants is 3 months and we do provide two and one stage implants (immediate loaded and delayed loaded).

In case that there is not enough bone, we are able to rebuild the bone with a high predictability in the upper as well as in the lower jaw. There are different methods for the so called bone grafting and the dentist will discuss with you which kind of bone surgery if necessary is needed.

Navigated Implantology:

At our practice implant surgeries are planned »pre-operatively« by 3D computer simulation. The special templates prepared from the data obtained are used to place the implants exactly as planned in the computer simulation thereby sparing sensitive anatomical structures.


The Intralift™ is a hydrodynamic ultrasonic crestal sinus lift that is based on high frequency oscillating small instruments to generate bone in the extended sinus to allow implant placement.

Instead of using big incisions and to prepare a “window” into the lateral sinus wall, the Intralift™ requires only a little incision and is achieving any desired volume in the sinus throughout a “keyhole surgery”. The Intralift™ is defined as a minimal invasive surgery with less or no postsurgical downtime and pain. Marcel is a key opinion leader in the field of ultrasonic surgery and conducts courses and lectures worldwide. The Intralift™ was invented by the TKW-research group and Marcel is a co-inventor of it. Since 2006 more than 25.000 Intralift™ surgeries have been performed worldwide and it is a less traumative alternative to the standard procedure. For a small schematic video please visit:


Dental lasers aid us in carrying out many procedures very gently. It offers nervous patients in particular a considerably pain-free option of treatment.

Lasers help, for instance, to prepare teeth for fillings, enable bloodless and painless gum and periodontitis treatments. Furthermore, it can be used for root canal treatments and many surgical procedures like removal of painful ulcers (mouth blisters).

Oral Hyaluronic Acid Therapy:

Dr. Wainwright with the Swiss firm Teoxane has developed a Hyaluronic acid compound to treat gingival problems (Periodontitis and Gingivitis) and »black triangles« between teeth (gum recession).

The Hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen regeneration, the basic element of gums, and the periodontium. Hyaluronic acid also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Oral Surgery:

All oral surgical interventions (e.g. wisdom tooth removal, apicoectomies, positioning of unerupted teeth, optimisation of denture-bearing area etc.) are carried out either on an outpatient basis or as per patient wishes under general anaesthesia or half-sleep sedation. In the absence of bones it is gently augmented. Piezo surgery is used for this at our practice, which is a very gentle and minimally invasive procedure. The augmentation material used is either one’s own bones (autologous bone material) or artificial, synthetic substitute material (alloplastic bone graft material that is long lasting, certified and used globally).

Minimally invasive sinuslift:

Loss of teeth in the upper jaw over a long period of time causes extended maxillary sinus and narrowing of the alveolar ridge. To make more room for implants it is possible to lift the membrane in the maxillary antrum by a “keyhole surgery” and placing bone graft substitute in the cavity created. This surgical method and instruments for it were developed by Dr Wainwright in collaboration with Dr Kurrek (Dusseldorf) and Dr. Trödhan (Vienna) and the company called Aceton.

Bone Splitting:

Bone splitting is a surgical procedure to make a transverse split in very thin bones, widening them and filling the space with replacement material or bone and by doing so broadening them. In many cases it is possible to place the implant in the same sitting.

Bone Spreading:

Bone spreading consists of slowly expanding the bone with the help of special instruments to enlarge the width of the jaw.

Bone block transplant:

In case of acute bone loss, augmentation with replacement material alone does not suffice. In such cases a bone block (usually from the former wisdom tooth region) is removed and transplanted to the affected spot. The bone block grows together with the bone below it and after a healing period of 3-4 months implants can be placed in the reconstructed jaw. The place from where the bone block is extracted heals on its own without any problems.

Soft tissue surgery:

To lengthen the life of implants it is often necessary to optimise the membrane around the implants. In such cases what is known as the connective tissue or membrane grafts are removed (usually from the roof of the mouth) and transplanted to the affected spot. Microsurgery is used for such procedures in a minimally invasive manner at our practice. Alternatively, even here animal membranes can be used (collagen from a pig, extracted from the heart muscle) to get the same results as from autologous tissue.

Piezo Surgery:

Piezo surgery is a modern ultrasound-based surgery using the Piezotome. This helps, for instance, to transplant bones gently or for safe surgery in critical regions without causing injury to critical anatomical structures like the nerves or vessels. Here the bone is gently prepared and ensures safety for the therapist to work in critical areas. Tooth extractions and apicoectomies can be also carried out gently using the Piezotome.

Dr. Wainwright is a leader in this field and has developed patented surgery methods and instruments for this form of gentle surgery.

PRF Treatments:

PRF is used since years in surgery to hasten healing with the patient’s own blood. This consists of extracting a small amount of blood and centrifuging it. The product is a suspension with a highly concentrated proportion of platelets (Thrombocytes). These platelets hold information on tissue regeneration.

We use this procedure especially to treat extensive wound surfaces for quick and successful healing. Ozone therapy can also serve as a supportive therapy to reduce chances of a wound infection during and post surgery to the greatest extent.


“Prevention is better than cure” (Arabic saying).

We thus regard Prophylaxis as the basis of every modern, long-term and aesthetic concept of therapy. This is not only used for continuous cleaning and high-gloss polishing of teeth but is also the prerequisite for maintaining healthy teeth and a healthy periodontium.

We make use of many procedures individually adapted for you. This includes laser disinfection without side effects, intra-pocket anaesthesia gels and, if necessary, general anaesthesia for comprehensive procedures.

By exhaustive, comprehensive examination and regular clarification we treat existing problems and use prophylactic treatment to prevent new diseases.

Teeth Whitening:

Many patients really long to have whiter teeth. Our individual consultation informs you about the type of bleaching right for you. Bleaching is not a one-size-fits-all procedure and our concern is to get the results you desire without causing damage to your teeth. That is why we select procedures best for you, with you.

To bleach multiple teeth we work with active oxygen, which is very gentle on your teeth and is also suited for hypersensitivity. Remineralisation and regeneration is taken care of by the serum that we use thereafter. Your teeth can get up to 9 shades brighter in the matter of just an hour.

Endodontically treated discoloured teeth can be whitened by what is called internal bleaching. By the BriteSmile system gel is activated with a special light. After three 20-minute applications the treatment is concluded. The gums are isolated from the teeth. A before/after photograph serves as record of the treatment and its results. The bleaching gel requires a very low concentration of active substances because of the special light, thus making it a very gentle and yet highly effective method.


Veneers or facings are ultrathin ceramic restorations that are bonded to the tooth surface and have become popular since not only Hollywood stars and actors want to have a beautiful smile. Discolored or abraded teeth can compromise the smile line and the esthetic appearance. The procedure for Veneers is standardized and beauty is not only based on the dentist´s taste but on rules, angles and lines. To visualize how the final result could be we perform a mock up to simulate with an acrylic template the final situation and photos of the patient are taken. This is our communication tool, either from the patient to the dentist as well as from the dentist to the dental technician. Once the patient agrees, the teeth are, if necessary, very little prepped and the dental technician uses the mock-up as the template for  the veneers.

In the majority of the cases we avoid prepping the teeth and create a smile rehab with so called Non-prep veneers, where the tooth substance remains completely unprepped. Before the bonding of the veneers in the majority of the cases the teeth need to be bleached since the veneers are very thin and the underlying tooth substances might have a darker shade and might shine through. Marcel published various articles in dental magazines and is a worldwide speaker for cosmetic dentistry. He is an active and certified member of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD), the German Society for Cosmetic Dentistry (DGKZ) and a Fellow of the International Academy for Dental and Facial Esthetics (IADFE, New York).  The dental technician who create the masterpieces and MIRALA CLINIC is sending the work are renowned as some of the best in Europe and belong to the highest dental technician standard for esthetic restorations (Oral Design Group).