3D-Xray (CBCT)

CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computer Tomography and represents a modern 3D imaging in diagnosis and  has become a standard more and more. Since we are able to diagnose with a higher precision and execute planned surgery with a maximum degree of safety, it has become compulsory for us in treatment and surgical planning. If necessary we use surgical guides during implant placement based on 3D data and plan the prosthetics before surgery. We use a high end CBCT (Sirona, Orthophos SL3D) that allows us to take 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pictures with highest resolution and maximum reduction of x-ray exposure. The x-ray exposure of one CBCT with our device is approximately 70-80 μSv, an 8 hours flight to the USA back and forth is equivalent to one CBCT and the annual natural radiation (i.e. Strontium in the ground, food, cosmic radiation) is 2000 μSv. We are able to select specific regions of interest (ROI) to scan only the part that is necessary. With the CBCT we are able to perform secure and accurate dentistry from surgery to prosthetic restoration.

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