We know all about dentistry and aesthetics

Here at the Mirala Clinic we look at the patient from a holistic perspective and use biocompatible materials to exclude possible allergic reactions or side effects.

MARIA GIBSANDLeg. Tandläkare. Implantologist.

Maria took her dental exam in 2004 and opened her first clinic, Veneer in 2007 here in Stockholm. In the 2015 she founded “Mirala Clinic“. Maria offers everything from general dental care to complicated implant surgery and amalgam removals, and has several years of successful results. She also lecture future specialists in implantology worldwide. Maria focuses on biological dental care.

PETER STEERLeg. läkare, MD, Phd. Ortopedkirurg Certifierad av Estetiska injektionsrådet

Dr. Peter Steer became a registered doctor in 2004. He has a passion for aesthetic medicine, where the right touch can create harmony and beauty with minimal recovery time and high patient satisfaction. Peter is continuously training to offer the latest in injection treatments. He is certified by the Aesthetic Injection Council. He studied cardiology in 2003 where he studied how lifestyle factors affect health. Peter is also a general practitioner in orthopedics.

NATALJA HARJUFiolog, tandhygienist spec. inom odontologisk profylax.

Since 1996, Natalya is a trained fiologist after studying in the Krivorizkuj Pedagogic University in Ukraine, whereafter she graduated as a dental hygienist at the Swedish Karolinska Institute in 2010. Since then, she has been working as a dental hygienist for many years in both state-financed and privately owned companies around Sweden. Using modern technology and the latest equipment, Natalya will help you keep healthy teeth as well as get you an improved dental hygiene.

We use biocompatible materials like L-PRF (the patients own blood concentrate) to improve the healing process, in that way we can avoid using antibiotics



Our goal is to look after our patients in a gentle way to make them feel safe and aware. We look after our patients over all health to make sure their health will approve and last for a long time. We only settle with first class results.


We consider the individual need of every patient and try to get a clear picture of the patients over all health, to make sure can make the treatments successful.


We use biocompatible materials like L-PRF (the patients own blood concentrate) to improve the healing process, in that way we can avoid using antibiotics.


We offer the latest technology, treatments, concepts and biocompatible materials. We think and hope that you will feel comfortable here and that it will be the best experience in dental care you have ever had.