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Maria Gibsand started with implant treatments in 2010, it became one of her biggest interests.

She became so successful that she started to teach other dentists around the world about implant treatments. The courses are held in The Dominican Republic, Cambodia and Laos with one hundred percent focus on internship. The patients from these countries get their treatments for free, which warms Maria heart because they could never afford such treatments otherwise. The dentists participating in the courses come from all over the world, mainly from The United States, Europe and Australia. A few days before the course starts, Maria usually flies a few days before to help other patients recover from more extensive problems.

There may be patients with severe infections in the oral cavity, teeth and jaw bone. This can in the long run lead to major health problems like cancer etc. An additional merit with Maria is that she also works with Zirconia implants that are metal-free and white implants.

Maria has a biological vision and an aesthetic eye, which makes it possible for her to offer Zirconia, which is an alternative to titanium implants.