Project Description


Safe Amalgam Removal.
Amalgam contains Mercury, one of the most lethal metals known. When patients need a removal of Amalgam fillings, we provide a maximum degree of security due to the fact, that the aerosol during removal can be regarded as biological hazard.

The patient as well as the dentist needs to be protected thus we use as a standard:
⦁ A rubber dam (a rubber protection that isolates the oral cavity from teeth.
⦁ Oxygen during the treatment to supply the patient and avoid intake of the mercury aerosol
⦁ Special burs to take safely out the Amalgam
⦁ Cavity detoxification with Chlorella alges inlay for 5 minutes (bonds remaining Mercury)
⦁ An addional special suction system that takes the aerosol.
⦁ A high standard clinic air system that provides us with 2200 liters of fresh air per second.

After the safe Amalgam removal we recommend the intake of Charcoal tablets as well as a continuing intake of Chlorella vulgaris. After the Amalgam fillings are removed we place Glasionomere cement as a temporary filling before we replace the fillings through ceramic restorations. DETOX supplements (according to Dr. Nischwitz)



Vårt mål är att ge patienten minimala invasiva, biologiska och korta terapier inbäddade i ett koncept som skapar och upprätthåller ett hälsosamt kroppssystem.