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Project Description


If the bone quantity does not allow immediate implant placement it needs to be augmented. Various techniques are present and we try to make the grafting procedure as minimal invasive as possible. Hence we use materials that do not come from cows, horses, pigs (xenografts) but more on synthetic materials like Beta-Tricalcium-Phosphate (β-TCP), Hydroxy-Apatite (HA) patients´own bone or bone from bone banks. In addition to that we use the patient´s own blood to generate a blood concentrate that is increasing the wound healing process naturally and enables us to generate Fibrin membranes to isolate the grafted site from soft tissue invasion.

Since more than 15 years we have experience with this kind of surgery and a high patients´acceptance. If teeth are missing in the upper molar region, the sinus extends and the remaining bone is reduced in vertical dimension. The Intralift™ is an ultrasonic hydrodynamic minimal invasive procedure where oscillating instruments are used to reach the sinus and to graft through a very small access (4mm) the sinus. This technique is performed in local anesthesia, is 100% painfree and is associated with less or no swelling, pain and bruising to alternative procedures (lateral window technique described by Tatum).




Våra främsta mål är att förse patienten med högklassiga behandlingar under minimal smärta, att använda oss av biologiska genvägar och tillsammans med patienten lägga grunden för en hälsosam, fungerande kropp. På så sätt får vi förstklassiga resultat.