Project Description


Cerec is the abbreviation for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic and is a method of CAD/CAM (Computer aided design/Computer aided Manufacturing) invented 1980 at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. Since then the technology was improving continuously and MIRALA CLINIC is proud to provide the latest standard and technology from Sirona Company.

Instead of a normal impression we use a small digital camera that shoots thousands of pictures of the teeth and these data are send to a computer, where the ceramic or zirconia crowns, inlays or bridges can be designed. After this procedure the virtually designed prosthetic data are sent to a 3D milling machine, that mills with high precision out of a blank the prosthetic work. After a short firing in the oven and finishing we can place the crowns, bridges or inlays in one visit. The so called “single visit dentistry” in times of rush and haste has become a wonderful tool to shrink down treatment time to a maximum. More than 250 clinical studies support and justify the daily use, every 5 second worldwide a CEREC restoration is fabricated. CEREC allows us to plan and perform a secure and prosthetic related planning and its execution, from surgery to the final restoration.



Vårt mål är att ge patienten minimala invasiva, biologiska och korta terapier inbäddade i ett koncept som skapar och upprätthåller ett hälsosamt kroppssystem.