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Project Description


We work together with high class dental technician (some of the best in Europe) that create masterpieces of work and we understand our treatment for cosmetic dentistry as minimal invasive esthetic dentistry. Our preparation is absolutely reduced and we tend to avoid preparation of the tooth substance when placing veneers (Non-prep veneers). These Veneers are maximum thin and appear with a high grade of natural appearance.

After being bonded to the tooth they are very stable and last for a long time. The patient is able to see the final result with a mock-up (a synthetic acrylic model of the desired treatment outcome) before the treatment and can decide if she/he desires the treatment or not. Of course we use metal free materials like feldspathics, zirconia and ceramics to achieve natural and high esthetic results. Marcel was giving worldwide lectures on the topic of Cosmetic Dentistry as a key opinion leader and is an active and certified member of the DGKZ (German Society for Cosmetic Dentistry), the ESCD (European society of Cosmetic Dentistry) as well as he was honored to be member of the IADFE (International Academy of Dental and Facial Esthetics, New York). Cosmetic Dentistry includes Composite restorations in the esthetic zone, Ceramic restorations Bleaching and esthetic orthodontic treatment.




Våra främsta mål är att förse patienten med högklassiga behandlingar under minimal smärta, att använda oss av biologiska genvägar och tillsammans med patienten lägga grunden för en hälsosam, fungerande kropp. På så sätt får vi förstklassiga resultat.