Project Description


Dental implants are established since more than 4 decades in dentistry and Sweden was the pioneering country. Dental implants allow to substitute missing teeth with a success rate exceeding 95% and have become a standard and safe procedure either if single teeth are needed to be replaced or if a an edentulous jaw needs to be restored. Per Ingvar Brånemark, the founder of modern implantology, was stating on a conference in Las Vegas “Every human being has the right of fixed teeth!”

Since the number of patients that do react to Titaniumoxide implants cannot be denied, we rely in our clinic concept on metal free implants. Zirconiaoxide is a ceramic (not a metal like Zirconia!) and has not the physical characters of Titaniumoxide like corrosion or ion release. If healed in, Zirconia oxide implant allow an attachment (connection) of the gum tissue to its surface and seal the oral cavity towards bacteria and with their white tooth like color they don´t have the compromising issues of grey shades in the esthetic zone. We at MIRALA CLINIC have experience with Zirconia implants since more than 10 years.

The surgery is mainly performed in local anesthesia and is absolutely pain free. The so called Short Cut Concept (SCC ref. Dr. Volz, Switzerland) is based on immediate implants in case of needed tooth extraction in the same session, if possible even with immediate temporary crowns or bridges. Zirconiaoxide implants have been established as an alternative to Titaniumoxide implants 4 decades ago (Tübinger Sofortimplantat) and today´s Zirconiaoxide implants are at least equal to Titaniumoxide implants regarding strength, longevity and osseointegration (capability of healing in with the bone). We use long term tested Zirconiaoxide implants from a Swiss company (Swiss Dental Solutions) that is one of the leading companies with high standards in production.
The healing time for Zirconiaoxide implants is 3 months and we do provide two and one stage implants (immediate loaded and delayed loaded).

In case that there is not enough bone, we are able to rebuild the bone with a high predictability in the upper as well as in the lower jaw. There are different methods for the so called bone grafting and the dentist will discuss with you which kind of bone surgery if necessary is needed.




Våra främsta mål är att förse patienten med högklassiga behandlingar under minimal smärta, att använda oss av biologiska genvägar och tillsammans med patienten lägga grunden för en hälsosam, fungerande kropp. På så sätt får vi förstklassiga resultat.