Project Description


The dental hygiene is mandatory for a long lasting oral and general health as well as it is the fundament of our whole treatment concept. Oral pathogenic bacteria from periodontal problems as well as caries compromises any kind of dentistry and the longevity of a performed treatment. This is the reason why we do strongly believe that the achievement as well as the maintenance of oral health is the fundament of our daily practice and we recommend the consultation of the dental hygienist 4 times a year.

During this short recall intervall nothing severe can happen that we are not able to deal with. No crown, no filling and no implant have a long success rate, if the dental hygienist is not consulted frequently. For analysis of the oral health we use the ammp-8 test as well if needed specific bacteriological test to identify the germs. A slight bleeding during tooth brushing might be the first sign for a periodontal disease. For treatment of the periodontal disease we use standardized protocols as well as minimal invasive laser therapy (PTT, photo thermic therapy). The PTT uses a green dye that is staining the bacteria in the pockets. With a low level laser a high reactive oxygen (singulett oxygen) is created that is able to kill the bacteria inside the pocket. This treatment is mainly painfree and can be performed by our instructed dental hygienists. For a recovering of the gum tissue we use as an adjunctive tool Hyaluronic Acid that has a regenerative impact to the tissue.




Våra främsta mål är att förse patienten med högklassiga behandlingar under minimal smärta, att använda oss av biologiska genvägar och tillsammans med patienten lägga grunden för en hälsosam, fungerande kropp. På så sätt får vi förstklassiga resultat.