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Project Description


The oral surgery we perform is based on high frequency oscillating devices (Piezotomes) that are less traumative to the tissue than conventional rotative instruments like surgical burs that are commonly used. From tooth extraction to bone grafting all kind of surgical procedures are done with ultrasonic tips. Marcel is a co-inventor of the Intralift™, a minimal invasive surgical technique for bone augmentation in the sinus where very small instruments are used to create new bone in the upper jaw in cases of extended sinuses and less underlying bone.

This surgical technique allows the patient to go back to work the next day with no swelling, bruising and pain. The Intralift™ was invented 2006 by the TKW-research group (Trödhan, Kurrek, Wainwright) and more than 25.000 surgeries have been performed worldwide. Marcel has educated more than 3000 doctors since then and maintains since 2009 a professorship at State University of Seville (Spain) where he teaches and conducts studies in his specialization. The high frequency of 25 kHz is even inducing bone healing and stimulation during the surgery.

Procedures performed with Ultrasonic Surgery:
⦁ Intralift™ (crestal sinus lift)
⦁ Bonesplit (to enlarge the bone width surgically)
⦁ Nerve transposition (in severe atrophic cases)
⦁ Crown lengthening (pre prosthetic surgery)
⦁ Tooth and wisdom tooth removal
⦁ Bone Blocks
Piezocision ( Rapid orthodontic treatment)




Våra främsta mål är att förse patienten med högklassiga behandlingar under minimal smärta, att använda oss av biologiska genvägar och tillsammans med patienten lägga grunden för en hälsosam, fungerande kropp. På så sätt får vi förstklassiga resultat.